Next Show – 18th May @ 10 am

Post Lockdown – What’s Next?’ with Dr David & Jen Unwin

The Food Bank Show on Primal Living

Every morning at 10am, we will be broadcasting live The Food Bank Show on YouTube providing food and health advice. I will be joined by doctors, medical experts and chefs, many of whom contributed to my latest health book FAT and Furious. Together – we will be taking your questions from around the country and additionally during the shows we will video link to food banks across the UK and discover new ways we can all help offer support.

With fast food chains closed, we want to seize this opportunity to reshape the eating habits of our nation and improve everyone’s health and whilst we are doing this together – help feed those most in need during this crisis. Join my family and I , as we put on a truly interactive show and please encourage everyone you care and love to join us too.

We are going live as of Monday 30th of March and continue every single day until at the very least, schools reopen.